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Laravel Socialite Guide For Popular Social Media

The purpose of this document is to describe the process of implementing the Laravel Socialite Package to achieve social media login via the mainstream social media as well as Google and Apple. Before we start implementing the social logins we need to install the Laravel socialite plugin like so: composer […]

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The new Apple Sign in Button

The New Apple Sign In Button

Apple announced a new Sign in with Apple button as part of its iOS 13 announcements. The button offers Apple ID single-sign on functionality similar to sign-in buttons from Twitter, Facebook or Google. Apple is marketing this as a privacy-secure sign-in option. Apple will mask user email addresses and other […]

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Safeguarding MySQL


Mysql is a free and effective solution used by most databases on the net. Following, is a short guide for ensuring the security and integrity of your data.  Restrict remote access Think where and how the system is going to be used and allow only certain IP addresses to log […]

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Laravel Vs Wordpress


Having worked for a while now on both, I would like to write an article regarding my personal opinion on those two very different ways of creating websites and the different functionalities that they can provide depending on the User’s/Client’s needs. Up to a point WordPress offers a very quick and organised way of […]

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Throttling Api Requests


Occasionally it’s  required that a user is not allowed to hit an API endpoint multiple times. For example a route that delivers a big amount of content, i.e an articles api route, could be taken advantage of, by concurrently sending GET requests to it and increasing workload on the server, […]

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