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Who We Are



We offer website design and development as well as hosting services.


We are a comprehensive and fully stacked creative digital media agency.


We build for mobile upwards and focus on constructing relationships between you and your customers.


We cultivate ideas with a comprehensive digital strategy that enables us to build brands, raise awareness and increase ROI using social media marketing and search engine optimization.


Our services include web design, services and applications, SEO, content management systems, eCommerce and hosting.

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We focus on the endpoint. We embrace your demographic and capitalize on what appeals to them. We make connections. We work hard for you to ensure you get the results you expect. We build brand identity within a focused marketing strategy to understand your client demographics. We offer Website Design and Development as well as Hosting that reflects this.


We love digital. Our experience includes many development platforms. We build responsive websites for mobile and desktop. We build Web apps that enhance consumer experience and support the customer journey. We integrate back end office administration systems to manage information the way you require. 

We integrate robust reporting methods and accountability with marketing and email campaigns so data is always relevant and useful. We can integrate secure payment gateways that enable you to take payment for goods and services online and for mobile. We build Application Gateways that serve core business functionality and support business infrastructure. We offer secure and reliable hosting services with instant scalability. During the lifecycle of the project, we keep in constant contact with our clients, to make sure that we deliver the best, most personalized experience possible. We work with you during every step of the project journey.


We use social media to propagate the broadest possible exposure and penetrate the widest demographic audience. We are Social Media marketing consultants. Comprehensive research, data analysis, tactical and strategic planning are the foundation for our campaigns. We can manage your social media channels.

Everything we do is optimized for social. We can SEO Audit your existing site and produce a detailed report analysing possible improvements and suggest reccommendations. We raise brand awareness and drive sales. We build social media apps and services.

Latest From Our Blog

Winner Of The Technology Innovator Awards 2020

It has been quite a journey since the creation of QITANA. A journey that included a lot of effort, countless lines of code, late nights and most importantly: “Meraki”. A word that modern Greeks often use to describe what happens when you leave a piece of yourself (your soul, creativity, […]

Laravel Socialite Guide For Popular Social Media

The purpose of this document is to describe the process of implementing the Laravel Socialite Package to achieve social media login via the mainstream social media as well as Google and Apple. Before we start implementing the social logins we need to install the Laravel socialite plugin like so: composer […]

The new Apple Sign in Button

The New Apple Sign In Button

Apple announced a new Sign in with Apple button as part of its iOS 13 announcements. The button offers Apple ID single-sign on functionality similar to sign-in buttons from Twitter, Facebook or Google. Apple is marketing this as a privacy-secure sign-in option. Apple will mask user email addresses and other […]


Our design process is structured and transparent. We keep you involved at every stage of the journey. We ask lots of questions to get a good understanding of what you are about as a company and a brand. From initial consultations we structure functionality with design. This foundation serves as a basis for many types of projects.


We produce a Wireframe, which allows us to plan the structure of pages and ensure the site has all the functions and information it needs without the distraction of visual design. From here we build a Mood Board. This is a collage of ideas. Without actually designing the entire interface this can be used to present the feel of the site to the client. The Visual Composition combines the Wireframe and Mood Board to create a static version of what the final site will look and feel like.

Graphics are then designed and produced to build a Style Guide. This is the central point of reference for designers and developers to use. A Prototype is built to transform the static visuals into living web pages. The final site is deployed for you to review before going live. The faster you can move from planning to building the better. Planning should give direction and in an iterative design process, can always be reviewed.


We are. We like to think of ourselves as a community. We share a common interest and we try to encourage an environment where technology, design and creativity can grow. We are mostly London based designers and developers with a collective pool of talents. We take ideas and build brands using a variety of media including print, websites and web applications.

We are an inspired creative digital media agency. We thrive on new ideas and embrace technology. We always focus on the journey and making the connection between you and your customers through website design and development as well as hosting. We are a friendly and social digital collective.

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